What readers say about 

Our Earth & Beyond & Many Planes Above


Earth and Beyond Cvr“I am now on the right Spiritual path thanks to this book. All of the questions I have ever had about life and the hereafter have been answered. Before reading ‘Our Earth And Beyond’ I was in a very negative space. Today, I have created peace in my life.” Vittorio Brahm/Actor

“As I’m exposed more and more to the writings of brilliant philosophers, I’ve come to an understanding, a beautiful understanding, of how every human being should be living. In reading ‘Our Earth And Beyond,’ it confirms this. The messages in this book are invaluable and should be utilized to take our existence to a new level, striving, in our best efforts, to always give love and live in right action and in right conduct. In doing this, all the abundance that you wish for will come to you; true happiness will be succeeded.” —Yvonne Arias/Actress

“I recently purchased and read ‘Our Earth And Beyond,’ the inspiring words written by you and your sister, Jan Adler. Your words confirmed my own sense of the reasons for our human journey on this beautiful planet Earth, and I thank you for that. I believe that the only way to live is with love, forgiveness and compassion, as you and your sister talk about. I remind myself daily to examine every thought and reaction that I have, to face what is true and false for me. Unless I do this I surrender to fear and react mindlessly.”—Robert Walker

Many Planes Above 72 9x6“This is an amazing collection of Automatic Writings. It is an unconditional gift of Love from the Universe for Mankind, with timeless wisdom for our growth on Earth and beyond. This book is a timeless message for our generation and generations to follow.”—Richard Allen Oshen/Writer-Producer

“Knowledge is power. The power of this Knowledge has taught me to live in Love. Before reading ‘Our Earth And Beyond,’ I lived in fear. Always searching outside myself for answers and from now on I will look within. This has completely changed my Life.”—Amanda Brown

“There have been so many questions I have had in my life about God and spirituality; questions that I was always afraid to ask. Now, for the first time, I have found answers to many of these questions in this book. ‘Our Earth And Beyond’ confirmed for me that I could ask the Universe for help with anything. This book has inspired me to grow as much as I can in this life and that there is no faster way for me to evolve on this Earth Plane than to do this work. I truly know that I am not alone, and with Ron’s help I have connected with my Guide and Teachers, and am building a relationship with them that has ultimately improved every aspect of my life.”—Matt Medrano, Actor

“I came to ‘Our Earth And Beyond’ kicking and screaming, but soon reached a place of understanding and peace as the pages slipped by. I realized how much I was attached to the negative parts of my life, rather than the positive aspects. More importantly, I realized that I wasn’t alone. Jan Adler and her brother Ron Oberon teach us that we have help all around us in the form of the higher spirits — the Teachers who guide us through our journey of life. The writings here are clear, concise and easy to relate to your own life. The Universe is set up for us to accomplish anything we choose. We must look inside, and “Our Earth And Beyond” can help us do that.” —Daniel Lennox, Actor/Director

“Fascinating, a must read! Never before have I read information like this. Everyone should read this book. It has been a guide to Joy and Happiness in my Life. Finally I found a book with the answers that make common sense to my deepest questions. I will read this book over and over again throughout my Life.”—Daniel M. Brookes

Jan Adler Image“This book has really opened my mind. It has unlocked the doors to the mysteries of our existence. I learned that we are never alone and we never die, that our Soul lives forever. Read this book and you will come to know who you really are and why you are here on Earth.”—Jacob Epstein

“This book has reminded me of the fact that the purpose of my Life is to consciously choose loving thoughts, words and deeds in every circumstance. I am grateful to have this book in my possession as a daily reminder that Love is the answer to everything.”—Jean Trebek, Mother

Ron Oberon Image“One morning long ago Jan visited me in my bridal store. She said, ‘Mella, you won’t believe what happened to me. I was awakened around 2am—a man’s voice told me to get up and get a pencil and paper, that he had many things to tell me. I really didn’t want to wake up but he kept insisting. That’s how I began my writings.’  Jan asked me to ask questions of her and this voice. I halfheartedly did so, but I wasn’t a true believer, and he told me so in his writing for me. That compelled me to take this seriously and from that day on I truly enjoyed not only Jan’s (Janie as I called her) friendship but also her writings. She became family. That’s why it’s so wonderful to see how you’ve captured so many of her writings and the wisdom they contain in both of your books, Our Earth and Beyond and Many Planes Above.”—Mella Dargenzio, Jan’s friend

“…As soon as I received Our Earth and Beyond I took it on my flight. I just let it fall open in the middle and started reading. I meant to stop and go to the beginning and start properly, but it was so interesting and so indulging at that point I just kept going from there. So much of what I have read is encouraging to me, and then I’ll read something that reminds me of lessons I learned from Jan long ago. Your book is so full of love, great lessons and hope for our world. God bless you and Jan for your great work.”—Gail Green, Flight Attendant and friend

Note: Gail Green wrote the beautiful poem Touched by an Angel in memory of Jan, which is entered at the beginning of both Books.

“I just watched an interview with you on a local cable channel. Your vibrations have spiritually uplifted me. I have traveled a spiritual path my whole life, and feel blessed to have discovered you and your sister. There’s too much destruction on this planet. Thank God you are here to help. I know that all the spiritual energy that you channel is real, and can relate to everything you say. I can’t wait to read your books! God bless you. Namaste.” —K. Bruce