Ron J. Oberon’s Life Mission Found Him

Ron Oberon ImageI have always known that helping others would be a key component of living my life on this Earth. But I was uncertain how that would manifest exactly. When my sister, Jan R. Adler, developed her gift of Automatic Writing, I knew I was on the right track.

Through Automatic Writing I have been blessed to receive greater Knowledge and Wisdom from the Higher Planes of the Universe; Knowledge, that in some cases, has never been shared with the Earth Plane before now.

My sister Jan and I used her gift to document the many conversations we had with a number of High Teachers and Master Directors. Those conversations became our Life Mission—publishing Our Earth And Beyond, Book I and Many Planes Above, Book II.

Furthermore, the Teachers and Directors play an integral role in my Healing work, delivering Absent Healing wherever it’s needed.

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I have come to realize “through Life’s experiences” that we all have our Own Mission in Life to fulfill. We know Our Mission within our own Heart and Soul.

I have discovered that My Mission is Universal Healing. I do this mostly through Absent Healing. This means sending Mental Thought Healing. I also do this through the laying on of my “Golden Hands” working through the Aura, uplifting and cleansing the Aura and Mind for clear thinking.

Healing can be sent anywhere on Earth, or anywhere in the Universe. Healing is Natural Love Energy.

LOVE is the most powerful energy in the Universe.

I help people find Personal Enlightenment; to Center and Balance themselves to continue on with their Lives. To remain on the Path of their Life’s Mission and to fulfill their Soul’s Purpose of who they really are. Also, this will help them make their Soul Progress through their Life Lessons on Earth.

We are all Spiritual Beings here to do just that; make Soul Progress, and we are all here for the same Purpose – to Learn that we all are One with “Life” Itself including, and most Importantly, One with Each Other.

Yes, this includes One with every Soul on Earth, and One with the entire Universe.

All of Life in its Entirety could not exist without any One of Us, as a part of the Whole. That is how Important each and every One of Us really are, and how Important Our Mission is.

As we all contribute to the Whole, we slowly then begin to realize how we are One with all that Is. I hope I haven’t lost anyone; are you still with me?

Therefore you can never be Truly Lost or separated, we can never Truly Die, or be killed because Our Souls or Light Within can never be Extinguished. This is the real you, as “we have always been and always will be,” the Important part of Life.

We also have always had, as a part of Our Existence, a Free Will or Free Choice to experience all of Life. We are Learning about everything Our Heart and Soul Desires.

As each of us is expressing whom we are and what we desire, we are learning that Life is Ever Changing as we are, Always Changing and all Change is Progress.

Each one of us is remembering whom we really are from Within our own Soul, and whom we really want to be from our Soul’s Desire. Just know that all Change is Progress.

We are all at Various Levels of Learning, trying to Re-create Ourselves Anew in every moment; in the “Grandest Version of Our Greatest Vision we have ever had about who we Really are.”*

*These words come from the “Conversations with God” books by Neale Donald Walsch for the New Spirituality now unfolding on Earth. I highly recommend the entire series.

That is Our Purpose of Life.

My Mission is to Heal and Teach, to Change People’s Ways and Thinking for a Better World for All Mankind. I hope this will help you to discover Your Mission!

With every word you read in both Books you will receive my Sincere and Divine Love Healing because I have touched them with my Golden Hands. This Universal Healing will help you Open Your Mind and to get on with Your Life.

May Life Continue to Bless You All. With Love and Light

Ron J. Oberon