Preface from Our Earth & Beyond and Many Planes Above by Jan R. Adler and Ron J. Oberon

bothcoversJan Adler ImageBoth Books are meant to Open Minds and Teach that there are things which Exist Beyond our Present Understanding and that there are New Ways of looking at Things.

This is how we grow. We grow through gaining Knowledge.

“You know in your Search for Knowledge, you can keep Only True Friends. All others will leave if they do not grow with you. Just a bit of Wisdom.”

Jennifer, (“Mary Todd Lincoln”): “I do not claim these as my Books. These Books belong to the Universe.”

All the information received in these Books came from High Teachers of the Higher Planes of the Universe; bringing their Knowledge and not ours.

It is their intention to present this Truthful Knowledge in layman’s terms to the entire World for each Soul to Change Its Ways and accept the Universe and Life as it really is, but not to offend anyone.

It is your God-given Free Choice for you to accept and Open Your Minds, or reject this and remain the same as you are at this time of your Life.

Jan R. Adler

Ron Oberon ImageJennifer, I hope Earth Souls will Open Their Minds to accept the Wisdom and Understanding in these Books!

I, Ron, said this after already receiving so much Truthful Information, which made such common sense to me. Jennifer, who is Mary Todd Lincoln, wrote in a large hand the following response.


“You only make things better for yourself when you think of someone else. We in the High Universe are so Grateful for you and Jan; presenting this Higher Knowledge for all Earth Souls to Choose, to think for themselves about what we say.”

Jennifer, (“Mary Todd Lincoln”): “With this Book we will Teach you the Best, and the most Knowledge, Truth and Accuracy, ever taught on Earth.”

High Teacher of Teachers, Conier.

In some places we explain further the information received for our own understanding as we discussed it with the Teacher writing. We were so surprised and so many of you will be, but the answers do make sense and are quite interesting.

Before 1985 we were not aware of any of this information.

Many automatic writing sessions were taped. We then added some of our comments on the subject for Clarification, which many times brought forth the next question. Sometimes when we were talking together the Teacher’s explanation would just come through Jan’s pen.

You will see where many subjects are clarified, often including examples given by the High Teacher who is writing. This all transpired as a personal two-way conversation, with material for these Books coming from each High Teacher, which we were so privileged to have in our presence.

You will never read Books with such Important Messages and with answers to the many Questions you may have.

These Books also have Information given to impact and Change every Soul on Earth, which will affect the outcome of the entire Earth Plane.

We all must Change Our Earth Lives away from all of the Corruption, Ignorance and Negativity, to realize Our Purpose for Progress as a Spiritual Soul Being.

The answers to the Questions you’ll find here are not mine. They are from High Teachers of the Universe, who feel Earth Souls are now ready to receive this Knowledge.

They were originally to be published one year prior to the arrival of a High Holy Spiritual Color Comet Ship on January 17, 1988.

**Note: See the Chapter of the same name.

This Special Happening was to bring many High Teachers from the High Universe with Messages to all Earth Souls to Change Their Ways.

This was meant to put a Stop to All the Corruption, Ignorance and Negativity on Earth, and to bring Final Proof of Life after Death.

There is much Information on the Comet Ship in this Book I.

However, due to the Importance of the Mission and Messages, the High Teachers changed their plans. They felt that Earth Minds were not Open Minded enough to accept and receive the Comet properly.

They wanted to have Worldwide Impact and needed more Earth Souls’ Attention and Co-operation; better control of Negativity and to eliminate any Interference. So even though they did arrive, they never Landed or Materialized.

They did temporarily Materialize over England to test the response they would receive from Earth Souls. You can read more about this event further on in this Book.

After 20 years I have been strongly impressed to now finish the work my Sister and I started so long ago. The timing is now getting better for the Earth Souls to receive this Information.

Therefore, I should now Publish the Books for the Universe, hopefully to be available at least One-year prior to the arrival of the Comet.

Many More Souls need to Change Their Ways before the possible return of the Comet in late 2007, or 2008, to evaluate the Progress Earth Souls have made.

If the Minds on Earth do not begin to Open to accept this Information and Change their Ways to a more Spiritual Way of Life before arrival, this date will be once again postponed.

More and stronger Disasters will continue happening as long as it takes to get Our Attention. We must Change our Corrupt, Selfish Ways.

If this does not happen even after the Great Disasters, the High Holy Spiritual Color Comet will further delay its Landing.

We have been told they wanted the Earth Plane to be much more Spiritually Advanced for their Mission to Succeed. This may even take another 10 years to accomplish.

Jan and I were just the Messengers for this Comet. We were stunned and amazed, as we were Learning all of the new Information, as we went along.

I feel there are more Open Minds today than there were in the 80s, and that Many More Changes will now occur toward a more Spiritual Life on Earth to accomplish this Special Mission.

With these Books I and II, the Universe will Teach you, and all Earth Souls to Open their Minds to the Truth and Accuracy of Life on Earth. Learn how to prepare yourself for your continued Soul Life on the Planes Above.

The Universe’s main concern is that Earth Souls Change their Ways to Better Themselves, and Progress with much more LOVE for their neighbors and All Earth Souls Around them.

Only then will the High Teachers works’ succeed. This will bring Peace and Happiness for the Betterment of All Mankind.

I am a Universal Healer and Teacher of the High Universe. I Volunteered when the Master Directors of the Round Table of the Very High Universe asked me to bring my much-needed Healing to Earth at this time.

My Sister Jan also Volunteered. Then we were placed together for this Very Special Mission. However, Minds were not opening and Earth Souls were not co-operating for the Mission to be accomplished. Jan was then called back to the Universe. She now works with me from there. This Mission will be completed before I am called back Home.

See the chapter, My Life’s Mission as a Healer and Teacher, which begins on page 238, followed by the chapter explaining my Healing Progress.

We all have different Missions of Our Own while here on Earth to Accomplish before it’s Our Time to return Home to the Universe.

Ron J. Oberon