Jan’s High Writing & Art Teachers

Jan Adler ImageJan Adler worked with 12 Writing Teachers and Eight Art Teachers. Each Teacher possessed a different personality, though they were all Knowledgeable, Accurate, kind and loving, and possessed a great deal of patience. I’ve provided samples of her Art on page three.

On the next several pages I have presented a list of both sets of Teachers. Each list identifies each Writer or Artist by his or her Earth or High Dimension name and includes the dates they wrote or painted with her, how long they worked with Jan and when they moved on to a Higher Plane.

Page four begins a brief account of each Writing Teacher during their time on Earth, including who they were and what they did. We start with information received from the first Teacher, Cormeir, and continue with information left by each Teacher as the work Progressed.

Jan did create paintings for individuals, and then wrote for them to explain what the design and colors meant to them in their lives. These private writings cannot be shared.

However, I’ve included a sample of this kind of writing on Page three. Aristotle wrote this about the painting that Jan created specifically for me that hangs in my office. I did not include a photo of that painting.

Jan’s Art began to develop late in 1986. The Ancient Minoan Artists said they wanted to give their art as a gift to the Earth Plane; art that was destroyed in 1900 B.C.

Each Art Teacher contributed their talents and over the next 10 years Jan’s skill as an Artist continued to progress. Each one earned a Higher Plane or Planes when they completed their assignment working with Jan.

They were also assigned to continually elevate Jan to Higher and Higher Planes as she co-operated with their Universal Work. Jan’s Universal Work continued for 11 years, writing for Our Books, Art Works and answering all of my questions. She also wrote privately for thousands of individuals.

Jan was called back Home to the Universe on April 22, 1996, to continue her work from there in the High Universe. Note: Book II contains a brief account of the Art Teachers during their time on Earth.

Writing Teachers: 

03-16-85 to 05-08-85 1 month & 3 weeks Cormeir

05-09-85 to 05-30-85 3 weeks Michel “Michelangelo”

05-31-85 to 07-01-85 1 month & returns later Marylin

06-15-85 to 06-16-85 1 day Mauy “Moses”

07-02-85 to 07-08-85 1 week Samuel

07-09-85 to 07-10-85 1day Sornia

07-10-85 to 08-30-85 Returned for 1 month & 20 days Marylin

08-31-85 to 01-12-86 4 months & 2 weeks Conier

01-13-86 to 04-13-86 3 months & 1 day Jennifer “Mary Todd Lincoln”

04-14-86 to 09-28-86 5 months & 2 weeks Teddy Roosevelt

09-29-86 to 01-14-87 3 months & 2 weeks Mara

01-15-87 to 08-23-87 5 months & 1 week Solon

08-24-87 to 04-27-88 7 months & 3 days Markus

04-28-88 to 04-22-96 7 years 11 months & 22 days Aristotle

Jan passed on April 22 1996

Ancient Minoan Art Teachers:

10-28-86 to 02-02-87 3 months & 5 days Mina

02-03-87 to 02-22-87 20 days Conar

02-23-87 to 12-31-87 10 months & 7 days Thuis

01-01-88 to 05-28-89 1 year 4 months & 29 days Palora

05-29-89 to 01-06-90 7 months & 9 days Mithus

01-07-90 to 09-14-91 8 months & 7 days Monique

09-15-91 to 04-02-92 7 months & 18 days Thor

04-03-92 to 01-29-93 Returned Monique

01-30-93 to 04-22-96 3 years, 2 months & 23 days Andreas

The First Writing Teacher: CormeirMarch 16, 1985:

Cormeir is here to tell you, Jan, about Our Books you must write for us in the Universe. You are A Chosen One, chosen to tell Earth people about Life After Death.

When your Earth time is finished, and you leave your body, Our Teachers tell your Doorkeeper or Guide to bring you to them, on the Astral Plane.

All who arrive must Listen to the Teachers who tell them what Work they must do to Correct all Earth Mistakes.

You must not refuse to Work, as you will stop your Progress, and not be allowed to come to Our Planes.

If you refuse to Listen and Work, you will be sent to a Cold Dark Corner to sit until you decide to Work Off Your Mistakes.

I am called Cormeir, and you and I will be the Connection to the Knowledge for the Entire World to read.

I am not just a Comet Courier; I am a High Teacher from a Higher Plane. I am Most Happy to answer all your questions, as much as I can, and Truthfully, too, as you are asked to write for others.

Future events we bring will happen for you and your friends, and those that come to you for Guidance, through your Automatic Writing.

Our only significant problem in sharing this with you will be with time and dates, as there is no time in Our Spirit World.

I will help with the first Book, Our Earth and Beyond, for a while, and then Michael, a Higher Teacher than myself, will come and contribute to Our Book.

The second Book, Many Planes Above, will be written by much Higher Teachers yet to come.

There was not much more to add on Cormeir except that her name was a Dimension name. I was not sure in what year, but she was a writer of many books when on Earth and Lived in Nottingham, England.

In the beginning she was confused on times and dates. Also at that time, we did not know how long a Teacher would remain with Jan.

Cormeir paved the way for the much Higher Teachers to come in, as did each Teacher that followed. Cormeir left after only one month and three weeks, before we could ask her to clarify her Earth Life.

Cormeir started writing the first Book 10 days after she arrived, and finished her contribution to the Book seven weeks later.

Then in May 1985, Michelangelo came through in the middle of the page, as each Higher Teacher wrote with Jan to raise her vibration higher to receive from Directors and Master Directors.

You may learn about each one, as they wrote a little about themselves, whom they were and what they accomplished when they were last on the Earth, for you to enjoy reading at the beginning of both Books.