An Introduction to Automatic Writing

and Art by Jan R. Adler 

Jan Adler ImageI do not claim these as my Books. These Books belong to and come from the Universe.

How many of us are really aware of the Universe? Or how many even give a thought, to Our Purpose in the Universe!

These Books will answer these questions and many, many more about Our World and our purpose for being here, and where we go from here.

There are Many Planes and Dimensions that do Exist. They are a real part of Our Great Universe.

Through Automatic Writing, I have been given Great Knowledge and Wisdom from the Higher Planes of the Universe, some of which has never been given to the Earth Plane before. Prior to 1985, I was not aware of any of this information.

Through the writing I have answered many questions for Thousands of Individuals, Personally helping them move forward in the right direction with their Lives—answers to many of the Questions we have all been curious about in Our Daily Lives.

Their Lives have been turned completely around, with the help they received because of this Direct Connection to the Universe.

They are usually given the Direction they should take to make a Change In Their Lives to get back on the Right Track. As the Universe would put it, “to help them get on with their Lives and make Progress.”

Some people receiving Personal Automatic Writing do Not Always Accept the answers to their questions given by the Universe, but nevertheless, what they receive is Truthful and Accurate.

The challenge and the opportunity for them is to Open Their Minds and exercise their Free Will; make a Decision or a Change, or take a Stand with a Situation in order to Learn their Lessons and Progress.

It is said everything in Life has a Purpose—nothing is Wasted, be it so called Accident or Injury, Illness or even Death. All is for the Learning of Lessons and Correcting Mistakes from Past Lives.

Everyone must Change Their Ways to Stop the Corruption on Earth, and earn their way to Higher Planes when it is their time to return Home to the Universe.

This all began for me one day a few years ago when a Psychic Reader told me I could do Automatic Writing and that I had a Protecting Guide assigned to me; I could ask my Guide for help, for whatever I needed.

Not quite fully understanding this at the time, I thought, what do I have to lose if I try? But I was unsure what Automatic quite meant.

Would it mean that the pen should move by itself, or should I guide it by holding it in my hand?

Then I thought to call on my Guide, and ask him if he could make the pen move, while I was holding it in my hand.

Suddenly the pen started moving and my Guide started writing to me. I was so excited that for a moment I didn’t know what to do. So I began asking him questions.

He told me that he was my Protecting Guide, Antony, who was Marc Antony, and he and I were together in a Past Life.

I was “Cleopatra,” and he was assigned to me at birth for us to work together to correct Lessons from our Previous Life together.

So he answered many questions for me personally that proved to me he was a real Personality, that he Loved me Very Much, and that he has been with me all of my Life.

He then proceeded to write and tell me that I had been Chosen by the High Universe to write Two Books and then he asked me if I would be willing to do so.

I would be Honored to do this, I answered, but I was not a writer and would need some help with the writing.

Immediately the writing changed, reading, “I have been chosen to be your first Automatic Writing Teacher, and I will help you understand Automatic Writing, to write “Our Books.”

Through the continued writing, I learned that I would have Many Teachers and each one would contribute to their Books until the work was complete. We would repeat the process for the Second Book.

The names of both Books were given; the first to be called, Our Earth And Beyond and the second to be called, Many Planes Above.

They would contain True Information about the Universe, some of which has never been brought through to Earth before; information they felt Earth Souls are now ready to know and understand.

As we continued, I couldn’t stop asking questions. The more questions I asked the more answers I received, always in Simple Plain English that I could easily understand. Most surprisingly, all the answers seemed to make sense.

I learned that my first Teacher was a Woman during her time on Earth. That she lived in England, wrote Many Books, and called herself Cormeir, her chosen Dimension name.

She started writing through my pen with Information about Our Life on this Earth and about a “Color Comet Ship” being sent to Earth which was to arrive in 1988. It would bring Messages to Earth about a New Dimension which they have Created for Peace and Happiness.

The Information continued to come for the start of their first Book. I hope you will enjoy reading it again and again because I feel it could be picked up whenever you feel a need for a Spiritual Lift or some Universal Help in Your Life.

These Books will be Your Direct Connection to the Universal Power, and provide all the Strength you will ever need in this Your Earth Life or Your Continued Life on the Many Planes Above.

I bring these Books to you to Open Your Hearts and Souls. As an Automatic Writer, these Books have been given to me from my High Teachers and Master Directors of the Universe. In reading them you will realize there are Important Messages to Learn.

I am self-taught through God and the Universe. All of my Beautiful High Teachers and Master Directors have brought me Wisdom, Patience and Knowledge beyond the Earth’s availability.

What is Automatic Writing? This is what I asked, when I was told I could do this. Well it’s just what it says.

The pen moves Automatically Writing Information that is not mine. It is a direct connection to the Universe.

Before you start to work, you must always ask for the Divine White Light of Protection to be placed around you and your Aura, in order to receive High Spirit Teachers. Always ask for the Highest and the Best to come and help.

When this happened to me, and through my Protecting Guide’s direction, I was able to connect with the High Teachers of the Universe through my pen.

These Books each contain direct messages from my High Teachers. I was told in the beginning that I was Chosen with this Special Gift to write these Books for the Universe to make the World aware and allow people to understand more about their Purpose in Life on this Earth.

As we go through Our Life, it is a Difficult Process. We all should search Our Inner Souls to make the time we have here on Earth more Successful, Happy and Peaceful for Ourselves. This will also happen for all of those around us.

The High Teachers and Master Directors of the Universe say that they are there to help each and every one of us at any time we may need Guidance and Reassurance.

Why not ask for the help you need in your everyday Life?

God cares and Loves us all,

Jan R. Adler