Many Planes Above 72 9x6In Many Planes Above: A Connection to the Universe and Universal Knowledge, Book II by Jan Adler and Ron Oberon continue leveraging her gift of automatic writing to explain Soul life on the learning Planes above the Earth.  One of the earliest lessons each Soul must learn is how truly limited is man’s control over this World.  Earth Souls control only their own lives through the choices they make using their God-given free will.

Control of everything else – the Earth, and all of the Planets in all of the Universes of all the Galaxies, Planes and Dimensions – rests in the hands of high Teachers and Directors of the Universe.  Who are they? How do they work? How do they affect or influence the choices each one of us makes every day? The authors answer these and some of the World’s more controversial issues by connecting with the wise Teachers and Directors high above the Earth Plane, who share controversial insight on or about:

  • The Purpose of the Planets
  • UFOs and Aliens
  • A New Earth Dimension
  • Soul Mates
  • Is Satan Real?
  • Earth Mysteries

“All Earthquakes and Disasters are warnings; there’s too much Corruption in the world.”

The Great Aristotle

This has caused Very Little Spiritual Progress for All Earth Souls throughout Human History.

Spiritual Progress is only made by how you Live and treat others, not by what you believe.

The Earth Bible does not teach you why you are here on Earth? What about you’re Guide, your Conscience, and Connection to the Universe, or the needs for your Soul’s Progress?

Then there is the Correcting of Mistakes from Past Lives, or that Reincarnation does exist.

How about Life After Death, and what you need to do when passing on, or that you have to work when you return home to the Universe.

Most of the Bible was ‘hear-say’ about the past, but some comes through as a Message, and again it was a Lesson to be learned in that time period on Earth, and to be thought about.

Each time one person wrote for the Bible they changed it to suit themselves.

Religion is all Man made; it’s made up by Man. We have no Religion here in the Universe; it is not necessary.

When I commented to Aristotle about him not having read the Bible, as he lived 400 years before it was written, he said:

Tell them Ron, I am part of God, whether I read it or not, and that we know about all things here in the High Universe, and more than Earth Souls could ever comprehend.

Earth Religions are the Earth’s Worst Problem.

God sends Messages all the time to everyone, regardless of belief; no one has this power but God.

To ask God for happiness, help, direction or answers, is All of you to ask the Universe above to care about Our Soul.

That alone is the answer to Betterment of Mankind. This is the whole Purpose of the Soul – to Progress, Develop and Learn to have Universal LOVE of all around in its existence,

GOD is the Universal LOVE of All.

The Unity of working together for All Mankindthis is our most Important Job, for us here in the Universe. We would like Earth Souls to know we in the Universe are here to help and LOVE each and every Soul.

How does Jesus fit into all of this?

Jesus was a High Teacher, which we sent him to Teach. He was on Earth to show the right path, as to how your Life should go.

He also was to bring Proof of Life after Death.

It does exist and always has; there is no Death of the Soul Ever.

Solon the people made Jesus into a God and they believe he is God!

No he is not God; he is a part of God, just like we all are part of God.

God is a part of All of YOU.

God is your Soulthe Life source within your Heart.

God is All there is, in All Creation.

There is never, One Messenger of God. We only send Messages when it’s Very Important, and never just pick on one Soul to be a Messenger.

Our Comet Ship Message from Jesus is to Straighten Out all Religions.

No Church Teaches the Truths that are in these Books.

You must grow up, and Open up Your Inner Soul for Progress.

It’s really Very Simple, just believe in yourself, and Your Inner Voice, which is Your Guide.

To Catholics and Christians, they think this inner voice is Jesus.

All Souls Reincarnated on Earth are there to correct Past Mistakes.

There are Big Changes coming to your Earth in this age, and only Change is Progress of the Soul.