Message from Ron J. Oberon

Ron Oberon Headshot 1.1I’m sending you healing, as you read this message to help you to get on the right path of your life. I do Absent Healing, which is projecting my thought prayer to the highest Healing Teachers of the Universe, to center and balance your Body Mind and Soul.

I know you may say “I’ve tried everything, but so many things seem to be such a problem for me in my life and I just don’t know where to turn, or what to do and believe anymore.” I am sure that the following will help you realize and understand more of what you can do, for your-self to change everything in your life.

First, you definitely will be on the right path, if you start to believe in, and Love your-self. Now here is something to believe in and the only belief you will ever need from now on in your life.

Your Soul, the real you is a tiny light which is in your heart, which is a part of God and therefore God is within you at all times, and not out there somewhere, but is—all there is—that exists, in all of the out there—this is all part of God.

Jan Adler ImageWe can never be separated from God, unless we make up that separate feeling of a separation in our own minds by our God given free choice. We all have this free choice to choose what we want and what we like and also can always change our choices if we don’ like what we chose.

Many people live, coming from all that is outside of them and from what others think say or do, instead of living from within. All healing comes from within to heal whatever aliments we have in our bodies and in our mind.

These ailments or afflictions are there for our learning process of correcting and changing our past choices and mistakes. Many of which are from our past life and the reason we are here on Earth now in this life to correct them.

Think talk within your-self with a new faith in your-self and believe only in your-self and this is how you believe in God and this is the only service God expects of you. You do not have to go to church to find or speak to God. Spirituality is how you live and treat others and nothing to do with what you believe.

I repeat, believe only in your-self and who you really want to be. God is Love, so Love your- self and this is how you Love God This is doing God’s work. Then give this Love to others and especially your familythen give Love to everyone and everything around you, with Gratitude for all that you already have no matter how little that is.

hs-2015-29-a-xlarge_webListen to your inner-voice, which is only positive and good and this is how God speaks to you everyday. Follow only your own intuition that feels good and positive. Then Listen to your conscience, which is your own Guide standing on your right guiding and protecting you from all harm. You must Listen, that is the key to change your life. You can never really be alone, as God and your Guide are always there.

Do not listen to any Negative thoughts, send them away and say you will never accept any negativity anymore and ask for God’s White Light to be placed around you, your home, your car and your family all day and night. Then ask that you want only the highest and the best around you from this day forward.

Watch how things start to change around you in your life and the healing process will begin. This is a daily practice and you can ask as many times a day that you may need this help. You are in charge of yourself, so take charge and cancel or delete anything or any thought that is not you, or that you do not feel happy with, simply let go and let God!

You can continue to ask for all you need with gratitude, ask for healing for any situation, to help me heal the causes and learn the lesson from each one of my ailments and also make things better for the whole family.

Again, it does not matter how many times you need help, even a thousand times a day by asking for the White Light to be placed around the situation and for the cause of whatever happens or whatever the need, to be healed. Everything that happens in our lives is for lessons for us to learn from and not repeat them again. The lesson is teaching us to change and correct our mistakes from this life and our past lives.

Place your hands on your solar plexus, which is your stomach and say help me to overcome any anger, ingrained fear, abuse, failure, guilt or feeling of not belonging. Help me to heal all anxiety, stress and depression, disease or affliction from my life and my past lives; replacing it with peaceful positive productive energy to succeed in all my endeavors.

o-EARTH-900Attract to me only the highest and the best always and heal the causes of worry and all my mistakes. Help me to live in Love and patience, through the Divine Love Healing and Protection of positive productive energy with Mental Peace in my life. Everything can change in your life if you so choose.

I highly recommend you order and read both Books, and then re-read some everyday and you will receive my healing from the Universe through the words in these Books. They will answer any question you may have about how life really is and you will learn what everyone needs to do, to change and teach you to let go of the old and create the new you.